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Get Most Flattering Clothes For Your Body From Butterfly Trade

Getting dressed with flattering clothes is now easier with butterfly trade. You need to know the pieces, which work best for you and will fit your shape perfectly. For instance, women fall into four major categories: rectangle (they are straight down and up), hourglass (they are curvy but uniformly proportioned), triangle ( a bit larger at bottom), and circle (they are thick at the middle).long trouser

You may have some figure flaws, but that does not imply you cannot hide them. Therefore, when shopping for the new clothes, you ought to have your body shape in mind. These simple tricks and tips will accentuate positive and at the same time downplay your body areas you consider not perfect.

Full thighs and hips

For the pear-shaped ladies with full thighs and hips, their dresses should not be shorter than two inches above the knee. Avoid selecting a dress that is not full. If you want to draw attention from the lower body, go for a dress with plunging V-neck, embellished neckline or a halter top.

Thick waist

If you have the apple shape with a thick middle, there is a need to elongate your torso appearance. This will draw attention away from the waist. In that case, go for a dress with drop waist or empire as it will redefine the waistline. Thick belts cinched around your mid-section you should avoid them

Heavy arms

woman doing yogaCap sleeve and sleeveless dresses are not for you. Rather go for bell sleeves, which are three-quarters of a full length. Such dresses will hide the flabby arms.

Small bust

If you are not blessed with ample breasts, you should avoid the deep plunging necklines. Rather, choose dresses with a bandeau neck or scoop and other adornments. This will add some extra dimension at the top. It is advisable to add layered necklaces as they do add some depth and dimension at the bust.

Big bust

Go for dresses with deep V’s and halter tops. These are very attractive for ladies looking to accentuate their big bust. Girl with shopping bagsSelect the fabrics, which skim the body as compared to binding it. In this ways, your breasts will appear big.

Plus size

There is no need for wearing baggy clothes to cover up your body. In fact, the bag dresses will make you look even bigger. Go for the fabrics, which will not cling to the body.

No matter the body shape you have, you will find dresses, which will flatter your shape. Get clothes from Butterfly Trade and dress confidently.…