woman doing facial treatment

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

Laser hair removal systems are designed to emit a beam of light, which passes through your skin to the hair follicle. Your hair will absorb the heat from transformed laser energy. In that way, your hair follicle is disabled. The other method used for hair removal is electrolysis. This is a painful, tedious process that involves destroying hair follicles one at a time. Unfortunately, it may take years to complete treatment with this process. On the other hand, laser hair removal treats many hair follicles at the same time and thereby making the process quicker.

Is this treatment for anyone?
The Coolglide Technology makes it possible to treat all skin types. Before this technology, persons with darker skins and tanned patients could not expect excellent results with laser hair removal treatments. The device has a longer wavelength that makes it possible to treat different skin tones. Although patients with fair skin respond the best, woman doing facial treatment studies show that patients with darker or tanned skin can achieve hair reduction. Moreover, they will not experience undesirable side effects.

There are other laser hair removal devices. However, such devices require that the hair should be darker than its surrounding skin. Therefore, people with dark hair and white skin respond very well to the treatment. In fact, patients with coarse, dark hair are easiest to treat. This is because the dark hair is rich in melanin. Melanin is dark pigment and has been found to absorb more laser energy. Therefore, such patients undergo fewer sessions. On the other hand, light hair is quite difficult to treat. Also, red and blonde hair requires several laser hair removal sessions.

It is good to change your diet if you want to achieve good results from laser hair removal. For instance, Beta-woman touching armpit carotene is found in carrots, Vitamin A, and many other vegetables. It produces an orange or yellow color in the skin and absorbs laser energy. It will also interfere with the energy reaching the follicle. This nutrient can remain in the body for many months. Therefore, you should adjust your diets in advance before the treatment.

How long does it take?
The time taken varies from one person to another. It depends on the coarseness of hair and hair coloring. Also, with will depend on the location of the hair. You need at least three treatments. However, if your hair has been removed with tweezers or waxed, it will need about seven treatments.…