hair weave

Choosing a hair weave that suits you and your personality

When it comes to hair fashion, we can clearly tell that the hair styles for men and women have changed so much in the last decade. For females, the hair is considered as their crowning glory and is a very important part of their profiles. The style, color, as well as the texture significantly affect one’s overall physical appearance. No wonder why a lot of people are always on the lookout for the new trend.

Hair weaving

Hair weaving is one of the most popular techniques to create an appealing style to one’s hair. By definition, it is the blending of human and synthetic hair, added to the natural curls. A lot of females prefer the so-called virgin curls.

hair weave

If you want to try this technique to achieve a new look, you should make use of the high quality kinky curly weave hair textures. It would be best though if you go only for the highest grade of human hair. And with this, you should be diligent in searching for the best in the marketplace.

The different type of hair weaves

Everyone wants to show off a sassy hair style. However, not all the styles and weaves available on the market are suitable for anybody. You should know how to choose a weave that is suitable for your face as well as your personality.

Here are the various types of weaves:

Bonded tresses

This is probably the weakest type of weaves which gets glued to the scalp. Usually, it will only last for a month depending on how you take care of it.


With this type, the natural curls will be braided along the center of the scalp. After which, it will be sewn into the braids. Again, depending on how you maintain the braids, it can last up to two months.

Fusion weaves

This type blends natural curls with the artificial weaves. This technique is known as the strongest weaving method. With proper maintenance, it can last up to three months or even more.


woman with curly hair In order for you to ensure that your hair weaves and extensions will last a long time, adequate maintenance is essential. You need to clean and moisturize them on a daily basis as this will also promote proper and healthy hair growth.

Final thoughts

Indeed, the technological advances in hair weaving, as well as extension techniques, have brought about versatility and freedom for women regardless of their status in life to enjoy the benefits of hair care and beauty.…