Your makeup will not be complete without touch up in eyelashes. This is because they are a vital part of the eye.  However, few people are blessed with thick and long eyelashes. According to this site wimpernverlängerung, eyelashes grow from tips of eyelids. You can make them longer by applying natural ways or makeup. You can also use mascara to make eyelashes longer. These natural methods will help you make your eyelashes longer:

Proper CareEyelashes

You should always take care of your eyelashes. Your eyes should be kept clean. Remove the makeup and clean the eyes before going to bed.

Brush eyelashes

This can appear weird, but it works. However, you are supposed to use a special type of comb that will help you brush eyelashes. Regular use of this comb will make it possible to have thick and longer eyelashes.


This is an ancient method that still works. In fact, it is the simplest way of getting thicker and longer eyelashes. Use a cotton ball and mascara brush. Apply a small swipe of Vaseline on the eyelid before going to bed. This will make the lashes thicker and longer. The results are not instant. You will wait for quite some time.

Natural oils

Coconut oil, olive oil, and castor oil are commonly used to make eyelashes longer. Apply these oils regularly for better results. Natural oils are rich in minerals, vitamins and strengthening agents that will thicken your eyelashes. Also, they help moisturize your lashes.

Lash Accelerator

Some mascaras have lash accelerators. A coat of mascara will make your lashes grow. Spend a little mascara to get a perfect look with the long eyelashes.

Vitamin E

This is useful for people who are after faster results. Use vitamin E supplements. Ensure you use them daily. A lotion that contains vitamin E increases the length of your eyelashes.

Massage Eyelids

woman's Eyelashes The common problems with most eyelashes are falling out. They can also break if they are mistreated. Rub your eyelids regularly to help them out. Studies have shown that massaging eyelids stimulate hair follicles that help grow stronger lashes.


Natural hair growth depends on diets you eat. A bad diet will not support hair growth effectively. Therefore, woman applying mascara eyelashes will not lengthen nor thicken. Increase intake of veggies and fruits to make a considerable difference.

Lengthening Mascara

You should use this when nothing works on your eyelashes. These are solutions that offer instant solutions to make eyelashes look thicker and longer.