Though they are vehemently sought after, designer handbags are not easy to come by. Labels like Luis Vuitton, Valentino, Roberto Cavali, Coco Chanel, Prada, Givenchy, Michael Kors, MCM, Alexander Wang and Saint Laurent all have one thing in common; they make designer handbags.

Designer handbags are quite expensive, but they are worth every penny. If you have been saving for a designer handbag, you need to ensure that your investment does not purchase a fake handbag. Visit site to check some of the latest collections. So what guide can you use to ensure that you are not duped? Here’s what to look out for:

Tips for buying a handbag

Authenticity guaranteewoman with golden bag

It is such a shame that brand labels all over the world can now be imitated. This bad habit has not only filled the entire world with fake items, but it has also made genuine handbags quite hard to recognize. The most notoriously imitated brands are Chanel and Luis Vuitton; handbags made by these brands are fervently sort after due to their classic designs, this gives the imitators a great market to deceive. Authenticity guarantee could be a sticker, care card, booklet or tag which the maker places on the bag as proof of its genuineness.

Be extra careful to check for particulars

It is true that imitators can imitate the general look of a handbag but what is also true is that there are some particulars they can never imitate. These particulars that cannot be imitated vary from designer to designer, and they enable the genuine brand to stand out and survive in the market longer.

Where you shop matters

Handbag retwoman in bag shopsailers that sell fake handbags may claim not to know them, but I highly dispute their claim. I believe that the merchant knows all their products, their brands, and their suppliers, should they sell fake then this automatically means that they are in cahoots with the imitators. Before you buy, a designer bag carries out some background research on the retailer and determine how authentic the handbags at his store are.

Ask for seller authenticity guarantee

Seller authenticity guarantees not only helps the seller promote their store and rank high amongst other retailers, but it also protects the buyer from purchasing a fake item. A trustworthy retailer will ensure his or her customers are satisfied with their purchases. Some stores deal with both fake and genuine handbags, but others opt to deal with only genuine handbags.